When you’re a “young ‘un” within the family, you might be dragged along to Shul…

But at some point or another, you find your own two feet and make your own decisions. Being away at university can seem very different, and it can seem like you are distanced from your Judaism.

Our Rabbi would love to hear from you, or exchange the odd email once in a while.  We would like to help you continue the Jewish connection.

No pressure to come to services, promise.  Although we might offer you free membership, and send you tickets to come along to our High Holydays services…!


In addition, you can also have a look a Jeneration, the space for Reform and Progressively-minded students and young adults to explore their Jewish identity. Innovation, accesibility and responsiveness to modernity is at the heart of Judaism, and we work with you to bring vibrancy and fun to Jewish life.