We always do our best to accommodate schools and to help take our place on the curriculum.

We often welcome school trips around the synagogue and also speak at assemblies and similar events.  If you are interested in visiting, please contact us.

Comments from a Year 5 Visit to Bromley Reform Synagogue:

‘Amazing’, ‘Awesome’…..

These are the words that I have become used to hearing from Year 5 when we return from Bromley Reform Synagogue. It is so useful to have such a fantastic resource close by.

And it really is awesome to see a collection of four Torah Scrolls all dressed in their velvet and silver finery with the silver yads hung around their handles. The gasp from the boys as the doors of the ark are opened never fails to give me a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. I know that boys have experienced a taster of my love and fascination for the subject.

The gallery below shows some school visits taking place: