Bromley Reform Synagogue streams its services and talks live over the internet to its public YouTube channel, where the stream is also archived.

Below is the link for our live stream:



Streaming FAQ

How do I know if this event is being streamed?
The warden/service lead will advise everyone prior to the start of the service or event. If you are not sure, please just ask.

Which events get streamed normally?
Saturday morning services and special events such as guest talks and our AGM. Some Friday night services (such as those with musical concerts or special talks). We do NOT stream services specifically involving children such as cheder assemblies, children’s services. We will only stream a bar/bat mitzvah with the permission of the child’s parents (great for relatives overseas to join in and great to have a lasting record of the service!). We might stream a ‘family friendly’ event if it does not involve children going up to the bimah. This will be decided on a case by case basis.

How long are the videos available for?
Videos are archived to our YouTube channel indefinitely.

How can I watch it?
Head to or search for “Bromley Reform Synagogue” on YouTube

Who can see the streams?
They are aimed at our members but available to everyone.

Will you be advertising the streams anywhere?
We promote the streams in our newsletters and event posters from time to time.

How can I avoid being seen or heard?
You should sit to the sides or the rear – if you sit in the front few rows at the front the back of your head might be visible when you stand up. The image below gives you an idea of the camera coverage:

Where is the camera and where are the microphones? Who do they pick up?
The camera is located at the back of the sanctuary and is pointed towards the bimah.  The camera can be moved but is left pointed in the direction. The camera does not have a microphone. The microphones for the stream are the same as those uses for services, talks and concerts, i.e. those on the bimah and the roving/wireless microphone.

The microphones will pick up those noises nearest to them. This is normally the rabbi and those on the bimah, but microphones will pick up all noises which might include nearby congregants if there is no noise coming from the bimah.

What if I don’t want to be streamed but do want to be called up?
You should discuss this with the warden, who will respect your wishes. It is possible to halt and then resume the stream.

Will anyone be monitoring comments or questions during a service?
We have disabled live and subsequent comments for the stream.

I want to participate in a service remotely – how can I do that?
You should contact us.

What if something unexpected happens during the event and afterwards I don’t want it to be public?
If it is something that is obvious – such as fainting or being unwell – we will all be aware of it and we will respond sensitively. If you are not sure, or want to be certain, you can let the Warden know. If you notice something in a past stream then you should email our webmaster with the details.

Is there a delay on the feed in case of disaster?
The stream does operate with a short delay.