The Communal Seder, held on the second night of Pesach and led by Rabbi Koster, was a joyful occasion, particularly oriented at families. Hence the early start at 6 pm and the finish before 9 pm to enable the young ones to get to bed at a reasonable time!

The celebration began with Havdalah, marking the end of Shabbat. This was led by the Rabbi with all the children assisting.

The Seder proper then began with the asking of the four questions and the telling of the story of the Exodus. There was a lot of singing, mainly led by  Cheder Head Teacher, Vicki, but also with some solo singing by the Rabbi of less familiar (Sephardi) tunes.

A high point of the Seder for the children is the hiding of and hunt for Afikomen, as the meal cannot finish before it has been found. The Afikomen matzo was broken into three parts this year, so that the three lucky finders could bargain with the Rabbi for their prizes.

Thanks are due to Janvier Palmer and her helpers for so ably preparing the Seder and to the caterers for the delicious meal and excellent service. Thanks of course to the Rabbi for leading such an enjoyable Seder, which we hope will be the first of many for her, and to Vicki for the uninhibited manner in which she led the singing.