The 2019 Chanukah Party, organised by Hooray Cheder, was held on the first night of Chanukah, Sunday 22 December.
Proceedings started at 4 o’clock with games organised by Gilbert Giggles, our regular entertainer, and involving a large multi-coloured canvas, which could be vigorously shaken, hidden under or as the starting point for any number of games.
There was a break at 5 o’clock for traditional Chanukah fare, including latkes, doughnuts and veggie burgers, washed down by cold drinks.
The single candle in the big menorah was lit by Vickie, who also recited the blessings with signing for the benefit of the hard-of-hearing. Some guests had brought their own family menorot and these were duly lit at the individual tables.
Gilbert led further entertainment after the candle lighting, starting with some magic and juggling and going on to play the music for dancing to allow the guests to let off any surplus energy.
Many thanks are due to Gilbert Giggles for keeping everyone so well entertained and to the many, mostly parent, volunteers who made the preparations, served the food and drink and cleaned up afterwards.