10 March – Words of Wisdom: Pirkei Avot 
Where do we come from? Where are we heading? Find out by studying the third chapter of Pirkei Avot, the foundation of Jewish ethics.
17 March – A Jab of Job 
The Book of Job tries to answer the most difficult question of all: why do the righteous suffer. Let’s see what insights we can gain reading it during the global pandemic.
20 March – Lessons from Leviticus. 
During a close reading of parashat Vayikra, we will explore the main theological message of the book of Leviticus.
31 March – Song of Songs: steamy romance story or sublime theological allegory?
Song of Songs was believed by Rabbi Akiva to be the holiest text in the Bible. Others love(d) it for its unbridled eroticism. Is it a steamy romance, a sublime theological allegory or both? Let’s find by exploring Song of Songs on Passover, when it is traditionally read.
All sessions will be via the usual zoom link.