01 April, 2024
1:54 pm
Bromley Reform Synagogue, 28 Highland Road, Bromley, BR1 4AD

Moses confronted Pharaoh, saying, “Let my people go!”  He climbed Mount Sinai, met with God and returned with Torah.  Like many great people, though, Moses often becomes completely identified with his great achievements and his position.  But those events—the Exodus and the climbing of Mount Sinai—happened when he was already 80 years old, and he lived for another 40 years afterwards as well.  His entire life story, from birth to death, is both fascinating and contradictory.  He was a child of slaves, but was raised in the royal family.  He was a prince, but also a shepherd.  He was a lawgiver, but also a fugitive, having killed an Egyptian.  He was God’s faithful servant, but also differed with God several times.  According to rabbinic literature, even God learned from Moses.  He is said to be the greatest prophet Israel has ever had, but also the most humble.

On Shavuot, we celebrate the giving of the Torah with a short evening festival service followed by  Tikkun Leyl, an opportunity to learn and talk about Torah.   Our theme is Moses the Man.  Who was he?  What life events helped to shape who he became?  Which people meant the most to him and why?  There  will also be plenty of cheesecake and other dairy desserts (optional: if you bake, please bring some along to share, as well).

The service will begin at 7:30pm and be followed by the Tikkun Leyl.

For more information, please contact the synagogue office at janet@bromleyshul.org.uk or by phone at 020 08460 5460.