Hello, all of you interested in our Cheder News! All parents please note: We are entering a part of our calendar full of bank holidays, half terms and Children’s Services. This means that the Cheder’s “opening hours” can become a bit unpredictable – so please check the calendar below or on the website if you’re unsure whether or not Cheder is open on any given Sunday.

  • Our Cheder Seder was a tremendous success! The children themselves were fantastic at reading the Haggadah and at helping me lead their friends as well as the grown ups in attendance. Many thanks to all of you who sent in food to share and to those of you who stayed to help prepare, serve and clean up.
  • The first day back after our Passover Holidays was Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Memorial Day. The Cheder children joined the rest of our community for the service in memory of the victims of the Holocaust and many participated by reading selected passages for the service. The children behaved with maturity and respect and I was so pleased that so many parents were able to attend.
  • Family Services are continuing, with one planned every other month. These are Rabbi-led family-friendly services (not to be confused with Children’s Services, which are led by the children). They’re shorter and the music is a bit bouncier than regular services, so why not give one a try?
  • Our next Children’s Service has been planned for 20 June. That is on a Saturday and you know what that means? Cheder will be on Saturday instead of Sunday! Please make sure you come on Saturday, as the children will be leading this service full of songs. And whatever you do, don’t come on Sunday the 21st or you will be very lonely and on your own! (It also means you can celebrate Father’s Day that Sunday. You’re welcome.)

That’s all for now… With best wishes for a happy and healthy May,