March was a very busy month in the Cheder. Our amazing and well attended Purim Spiel (well done to Vicki, the Rabbi and all the stellar cast) was a real treat.

Chet had the culmination of much hard work in their service on 22 March. As I write this is still to take place, but I am sure they will all acquit themselves well, as I know how much effort has gone into their preparation. The older youth group had a sleepover in the shul and the Dragons group had another fantastic time with Jamie and Ralph.

No wonder with all that happening that everyone needs a well earned rest. So the last day of this term is Sunday, 30 March and we do not return until 27 April on the day of the Yom HaShoah service.

Maintaining our tradition, the children of the Cheder will take a leading role in the service and we hope the parents and all other members of the community will join us for the service at 11:30. There will be a coffee station in the downstairs foyer for parents who want to stay until the service starts.


We hope to have an early second night Seder for those who have young children. This depends on the success in finding organisers, as Vicki, who has been the mainstay of the Tiddlers’ Seder the last five years, is unable to do the pre-organising this year. However, she is still willing to actually lead the Seder if the rest of us get it together. By the time this Highlight goes to press it is hoped that Linda will have managed to work with a group of parents to get it ready. Details will be sent out by email and be on elight, the website, Facebook page and in the office – or you can ring or email Linda, so there are lots of ways of finding out.

Places are likely to be limited, so if you would like to join us for the Seder, please email Linda on I shall also be glad to hear from anyone who would like to help with the preparation.

Finally, please keep the afternoon of Sunday,18 May free for the Lag b’Omer BBQ at the de Lange house. More details in next month’s Highlight.

Linda de Lange and Vicki Ashmore