Our cheder is a grassroots organisation, created and run by parents for the children of our community.  Our teachers are well versed in either Judaism and/or Hebrew language, and teach according to their own strengths.

We follow a set curriculum at cheder, and each day is divided into two parts:  A Hebrew Class, where the children are taught to read and understand Hebrew, and a Jewish Studies class, where they learn about Jewish culture, our stories and our traditions.  The children are also taught Jewish Music, incorporated into our assembly to which the parents are invited, making cheder a family oriented experience.

We often have ‘extras’, such as a ‘cheder seder’ on Pesach, Hamentaschen baking on Purim, and our annual Chanuka party, to which synagogue members are invited.  Youth groups run after cheder on many Sundays, giving our children more opportunities to form friendships that we hope will last a lifetime.

Our Cheder is more than just a Sunday School.  It’s a community, a place for a child to make friends with other Jewish children, and to experience Judaism in a positive light.  What better way to ensure our children will want to pass Judaism onto theirs?

The table below provides the Cheder Term Dates for 2014/15:


Term Dates 36 Teaching Weeks
Chanukah 2014 Sunday 7 September INSET DAY 1 week
14 September –Sunday 19 October 6 weeks
NO CHEDER Half-term 26th October 1 week
Sunday, 2nd November  – Sunday, 14th December 7 weeks
NO CHEDER Break     21st /28th  December 2 weeks
Purim 2015 Sunday, 4th January – Sunday 15th February 7 weeks
NO CHEDER Half-term 22nd February 1 week
Sunday, 1st March – Sunday, 22nd March 4 weeks
NO CHEDER Break       29th March, 5th /12th April 3 weeks
Shavuot 2015 Sunday, 19th April – 26th April 2 weeks
Sunday, 10th May- 17th May 2 weeks
NO CHEDER Half-term 24th May 1 week
Sunday, 31st May – Sunday, 12th July 7 weeks