Our approach to religion is in the British progressive tradition: open minded and thoughtful, rooted firmly in our history but mindful of the times in which we live. We are fortunate to enjoy the guidance of our Rabbi, a progressive-minded and exciting leader and educator.

Our community ethos is one of self-help and inclusivity. All members are invited to become involved, whatever their previous experience (or lack of it) in all aspects of synagogue life from administration and maintaining the fabric of the building to reading from Torah and everything in between

All sorts of people are involved in our community: born Jews with a great deal of knowledge or none at all; people considering conversion or actively engaged in study for conversion; families of which part is Jewish and part not; those who practise other religions, but who enjoy joining us from time to time; people seeking their roots; those who have lost contact with their Judaism and are looking for a way back, perhaps by attending services for specific occasions, such as the Seder; and the many who lack the confidence to join in at first because they believe that “everybody else knows it all”. They are always surprised at how much they have to contribute.

We place great emphasis on all three traditional roles of a synagogue – house of study, house of prayer and house of meeting, and each of those categories covers a wide range of activity and endeavour. “Study” – for adults and children alike – might mean one-to-one teaching, a lecture or an activity associated with a festival; “prayer” covers not only formal services on Shabbat and festivals but such things as Chanukah candle-lighting parties in members’ homes; and “meeting” extends beyond centralised social events to all types of formal and informal care and support from both the Rabbi and individual members.

All are welcome to attend events and services. We are happy to answer general enquiries about Judaism as well as about our Synagogue – as the saying goes, you don’t have to be Jewish! If you would like to know more before coming along, please call 020 8460 5460 to speak to the Rabbi or Administrator, visit our Facebook page or contact us via our website.