Highlight January 2021

Looking back at the past month’s activities and forward to many more.
Profiles of members old and new; comments from many within and outside the community.
Reports from groups and individuals; dates and joining information for services, meetings and social events.

Highlight December 2020

Chanukah, of course: quiz, parties, candle-lightings and what to do when it’s all over; profiles of two very different people; ideas for activities for young and old; study topics; news from the rabbi, chair, cheder, social centre, caring community and many others; and dates of services and meetings.

Highlight November 2020

Community news, including member profile and reviews of Social Centre and other gatherings and events, classes and meetings;
Reports from our Rabbi, Chair, Cheder and others;
Calendar, service details and items of Jewish interest from beyond BRS, especially from cultural and communal organisations.